Main office

The general manager and the main office with its 15 employees are located in Berlin. The main office supports the Board of Directors in strategic discussions, the development of funding programmes and public relations. Furthermore, the main office realizes central tasks of the DZHK such as the administration of clinical studies, the coordination of the Scientific Infrastructure and the organisation of a trainig and mentoring programme.

Organisation chart of the main office

Joachim Krebser

Managing Director

phone: +49 30 3465 529-00

Sandra Schmidt


phone: +49 30 3465 529-01

Mareike Leistner

Financial Administrator

  • Planning and managing of the office budget and office projects
  • Planning and implementation procurement procedure
  • Managing of the DZHK overall budget (outflow of funds, budget planning; Interface to FMM)
  • Human Resources

phone: +49 30 3465 529-08



Group Strategy, Preclinical Research & Training

Dr. Katharina Eulenburg

Head of Group Strategy, Preclinical Research & Training 

phone: +49 30 3465 529-07

Annett Grützmacher

Coordinator Scientific Exchange


  • DZHK Retreat, Young DZHK Retreat
  • DZHK Symposia, Co-funded Congresses, DZHK Lectures
  • DZHK Professors, Appointments
  • DZHK-BHF Cooperation
  • Project Groups
  • Publication Management
  • Excellence Programme

phone: +49 30 3465 529-06

Dr. Sandra Petzold

Coordinator Preclinical Research

  • Translational Research Projects
  • Cooperation Projects through Shared Expertise and with External Partners
  • Collaboration with Corporate Partners

phone: +49 30 3465 529-05

Dr. Nadine Schwanhold

Coordinator Promotion of Young Scientists (maternity leave replacement of Romy Hribal)

  • Mentoring Programme
  • Visiting Scientist, Travel Grants for members of the Young DZHK
  • Young DZHK and Young DZHK Workshops
  • DGK/DZHK Nachwuchsförderprogramm Grundlagen der Herz-Kreislauf-Forschung (only in German)

Tel.: 030 3465 529-04

Group Clinical Research

Dr. Stephanie Lesser

Head of Group Clinical Research

phone: +49 30 3465 529-03

Alexandra Klatt

Coordinator Clinical Research

  • Use & Access processes
  • Clinical Research Units and CSG/Clinical staff
  • Information platform for subjects: PIP
  • OMICs Ressource Project
  • DZHK associated Clinical Studies
  • Cardiological Competence Networks
Dr. Julia Hoffmann

Coordinator Scientific Infrastructure

  • Scientific Infrastructure for Clinical Studies (Ethics Project, Data Handling, Trusted Third Party, IDMS)
  • DZHK studies in preparation and recruitment

phone: +49 30 3465 529-17

Dr. Ivonne Wallrabenstein

Coordinator Biobanking and IT

    • Biobanking and DZHK Laboratory Management Information System (LIMS)
    • Requirements engineering and coordination of technical adaptations within the IT infrastructure
    • User support for the IT systems

    phone: +49 30 3465 529-09

    Anna Prietzschk

    Administrative Assistant Clinical Research
    (maternity leave replacement of Susanne Weißmann)

    • Application process early clinical studies
    • Application process guideline-relevant studies 
    • Information management to the reporting of the clinical research

    phone: +49 30 3465 529-11



    Group Communication

    Christine Vollgraf

    Head of Group Communication

    • Press and Public Relations

    phone: +49 30 3465 529-02

    Wiebke Lesch

    Staff member Public Relations with focus on Clinical Studies

    phone: +49 30 3465 529-02

    Susanne Schiller


    • Coordination status of the DZHK scientists, Young DZHK and DZHK staff
    • Internet and intranet
    • Event organisation

    phone: +49 30 3465 529-15