• Study Preparation/ Conduct

Study Preparation/ Conduct

Before subjects can be enrolled in a DZHK study after funding begins, the main study centre as well as each enrolling study centre must fulfil the requirements for this.

The main study centre consists of the principal investigators of the study (chief investigator) and is located at the sponsoring medical institution. Study centres enrol subjects for the respective study and can be located in DZHK institutions as well as external institutions.

On this webpage you can find all important information provided by the DZHK. Furthermore, relevant documents for the study preparation and conduct are made available here.

Note: Please only use the most current document that is available here.


For main study centres:

The check list and flow diagram “Study Preparation and Conduct” complement the flow diagram “Application Procedure”. The check list groups individual steps thematically and consequently does not depict the chronological order of the tasks. In supplementation, the flow diagram displays timely aspects and detailed explanations. It shows which steps can be processed simultaneously or which step is a prerequisite for the next.


For enrolling study centres:

We provide you with a checklist displaying all necessary steps that have to be carried out before recruitment is started.


You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.

For study specific questions, please contact the responsible main study centre (via the operative contact).

For all further questions, find the DZHK contacts and their areas of responsibility in the document “DZHK Contacts”.