Die Deutsche Herzstiftung (German Heart Foundation)

Our cooperation partner, the German Heart Foundation, informs patients on all issues related to cardiovascular diseases. An online-consultation and the comprehensive search function for physicians and support groups are only one part of the services offered by this patient-organisation.

A large number of DZHK-scientists are members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Heart Foundation. Their expertise is made available to patient's questions and concerns.

German Cardiac Society

The German Cardiac Society (DGK e. V.) is a nonprofit scientific and medical professional society. Their goal is to promote science in the field of cardiovascular disease, hosting meetings, training and workshops for its members and the development of guidelines.

The Cardiological Competence Networks

Since january 2015 the DZHK finances the three Cardiological Competence Networks .

Kompetenznetz Angeborene Herzfehler
Kompetenznetz Vorhofflimmern
Kompetenznetz Herzinsuffizienz


The TMF is the umbrella organization for networked medical research in Germany. It is the platform for interdisciplinary exchange as well as cross-project and cross-location cooperation in order to identify and solve the organizational, legal/ethical and technological problems of modern medical research.