Clinician Scientist Programme

You want to apply for a Clinician Scientist Fellowship?

Only members of the Young-DZHK can apply. Deadlines and application documents can be found on the Intranet.


Dr. Romy Hribal
Scientific Administrator Promotion of Young Scientists
+49 30 3465 529-04

The Clinician Scientist Fellowship is aimed at young physicians with a doctorate who are at the beginning of their specialist training and are aiming for a career in both clinical practice and scientific research. It combines the specialist training with ‘protected time’ to conduct their own research project. The programme lasts up to three years. During this period, the funding of up to 1.5 years of research can be applied for. At the end of the programme, participants should complete both their medical specialist training and their doctorate.

Our Clinician Scientists:


  • Gräßer, Christian | Munich
  • Hadzibegovic, Sara | Berlin
  • Sams, Lauren Eleonore | Munich
  • Ullrich, Helen | Rhine-Main


  • Bode, David | Berlin
  • Rawish, Elias | Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck


  • Demal, Till Josha | Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck
  • Dutsch, Alexander | Munich
  • Martin, Simon | Rhine-Main


  • Bongiovanni, Dario | Munich
  • Nording, Henry | Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck


  • Anker, Markus | Berlin
  • Nicolai, Leo | Munich
  • Hemmerling, Inga | Heidelberg/Mannheim
  • von Scheidt, Moritz | Munich

Further Information:
Annual Report 2018, p. 39

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