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DZHK Mentoring Programme launched

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They are doctors, scientists and science managers - and the participants of the DZHK Mentoring Programme, which was launched in early March with a three-day workshop. The programme's goal is to get junior cardiovascular researchers ready for taking on leadership roles. It primarily addresses applicants who are challenged by the compatibility of family and career.

Over the course of one year, the four men and eight women will learn how to better assess their own personality as well as social, communication and professional skills. In workshops individually tailored to their needs, the junior scientists can acquire soft skills and use coaching to prepare for challenging leadership positions. The mentors got to choose the mentees themselves, they come from DZHK-partner sites and other institutions.

The kick-off workshop also helped connecting the mentees with each other and therefore get to know the different facets of cardiovascular research which are combined in the DZHK – a valuable experience for all participants.

Contact: Isa Hauke, Coordinator Training and Mentoring Programme, Main Office, p.: 030 4593-7104, isa.hauke(at)dzhk.de