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Gold medal for DZHK heart researcher

Professor Stefanie Dimmeler receives the ESC gold medal for her outstanding work as a cardiologist and cardiovascular researcher. It is considered the highest award of the European Society of Cardiology and is awarded annually.

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The Frankfurt heart researcher and director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Center for Molecular Medicine at Goethe University, Professor Stefanie Dimmeler, is honored with the Gold Medal of the European Society of Cardiology. Stefanie Dimmeler is a Principal Investigator at the DZHK and receives the award for her research that has contributed to a better understanding of cardiovascular diseases and the development of new treatment approaches.

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"I am very pleased with this award. The gold medal belongs to the entire team of students, staff, and colleagues who have worked together on the projects over many years," Professor Dimmeler said in thanking the students. The Gold Medal is awarded annually to two or three outstanding cardiologists or cardiovascular researchers worldwide as the European Society of Cardiology's highest award.

Professor Stefanie Dimmeler is the spokesperson of the Cardiopulmonary Institute, which is funded by the Excellence Strategy Program, and will become Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) starting January 2021. Her work has already been honored several times with top-class awards. Her research's primary focus is investigating repair possibilities and regeneration in the vascular system and the heart. In addition to the basic scientific explanation of processes, the development of therapeutic procedures for treating cardiovascular diseases is of particular importance. Most recently, she discovered that small non-coding RNAs regulate heart aging and heart function. She sees her scientific life-task in the long-term goal of deciphering the molecular mechanisms of cardiac repair to accelerate healing after a heart attack and cardiac insufficiency or to prevent their occurrence.

Scientific contact: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dimmeler, Institute for Cardiovascular Regeneration, Goethe University Frankfurt, Office Management: herfurth(at)med.uni-frankfurt.de

Source: Press release Goethe University Frankfurt