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Seeking the best talents in cardiovascular research

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The German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) issues its first call for Junior Research Group Leaders. 

Young investigators working around the world in the field of cardiovascular research are invited to apply. Your research topic should fit in with the strategy of the DZHK. The research programme at the DZHK is aimed at uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of cardiovascular diseases and making new treatments and diagnostic procedures available to patients as quickly as possible. “We seek to recruit outstanding young researchers with creative ideas and aim to support them on their way to becoming independent investigators”, says DZHK director Prof. Thomas Eschenhagen.      

For a period of up to five years, successful candidates will be awarded funding for their own research group, which will be established at one of the DZHK’s  28 member institutions. These are located at seven partner sites around Germany. Candidates will be able to select the institution they wish to work at.

Our programme is based on the German Research Foundation’s tried-and-tested Emmy Noether Programme. Research groups will receive a grant of up to 250 000 euros per year. Two groups are expected to get off the ground in 2015. Further calls are planned for the coming years.

to the call

Isa Hauke, Coordinator of the Training and Mentoring Programme, DZHK Main Office
Tel.: 030 4593 7104, isa.hauke@dzhk.de