Young Investigator Awards at the DZHK Retreat in Königstein

Early career scientists from all DZHK partner sites presented excellent research during this year's annual DZHK Retreat in Königstein. The best presentations were each awarded a 300 Euro Young Investigator Award:

This year's Young Investigator Awardees: Eric Schoger, Wesley Abplanalp, Christoph Hofmann (not in picture: Lucas Bacmeister)

Winning talks

Wesley Abplanalp (Frankfurt): Single-cell RNA-sequencing defines monocyte clusters in patients with mutations leading to clonal hematopoiesis: implications for prognosis of ischemic heart disease

Christoph Hofmann (Heidelberg): Translational regulation determines the acute cardiac response to ischemia/reperfusion

Eric Schoger (Göttingen): CRISPRa mediated in vivo activation of endogenous gene expression in the postnatal mammalian heart

Winning poster

Lucas Bacmeister (Hamburg): A close up on murine pressure-volume-analysis under beta-adrenergic stimulation: positive end-expiratory airway-pressure, hypertonic saline injection and endystolic pressure-spikes