Online Consultations for DZHK IT Systems

You have a question about our IT systems?

Come join our expert video consultation if you are user of our IT systems in clinical research and have problems, questions or need training.

How it works:

1. Register via email and receive access data
2. Download GotoMeeting App or participate via DFNconf
3. Enter meeting ID or click on meeting link
4. Participate

These are our office hours:

DZHK Data Management (secuTrial)
Sabine Hanß | last friday of the month, 10-11 AM
Next event: 30 April 2021 | Registration:

Ivonne Wallrabenstein | last tuesday of the month, 10-11 AM
Date 27 April 2021 | Registration: biobanking(at)

DZHK-BDMS (TrialConnect)
Roberto Lorbeer | fridays biweekly, 11-12 AM
Next event: 30 April 2021 | Registration: bdms(at)

Trusted Third Party (Treuhandstelle)
Lisa Germans | thursday biweekly, 10-11 AM
Next event: 29 April 2021 | Registration: ths-dzhk-support(at)