Systolic dysfunction to congestive heart failure cohort study (TransitionCHF-DZHK2)

This cohort study explores ways of predicting when decreased cardiac performance without symptoms will develop into a clinically manifest disease. In many patients, decreased cardiac performance is detected during routine examinations without the patient showing any of the typical symptoms, such as a reduction in exercise tolerance or shortness of breath. This ‘hidden’ heart failure can be caused by high blood pressure, myocardial infarction or diseases of the heart muscle. Some 1,000 such patients are to be examined and followed over a period of at least five years at the DZHK partner sites and at other clinics.

Within the scope of the study, blood markers, results from imaging studies and genetic profiles will be analysed in relation to the patients’ state of health and development of clinical symptoms. The emerging patterns and regularities could be used in the future to help predict when symptoms of heart failure will appear. Then therapeutic measures could be taken to counter the development of symptoms. This is all the more important because heart failure generally progresses gradually and clinicians have so far not found a way to prevent further deterioration of the condition.

Principal Investigators
Principal investigator: Gerd Hasenfuß (Göttingen), Co-PI: Rolf Wachter (Leipzig), Anja Sandek (Göttingen), Frank Edelmann (Berlin)

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Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

heart failure

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Main study centre - Dr. Christoph Gertler