Clinical Study Group (CSG)

The Clinical Study Group CSG consists of DZHK external and internal members in its second phase beginning 2017. It advises the Board of Directors and the RCC (delegated by the General Assembly) concerning the selection of the funded clinical study portfolio.

Members of the CSG:

  • Stefan Anker, Berlin (Co-Speaker)
  • Harry Crijns, Maastricht (Co-Speaker)
  • Stefan Blankenberg, Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck (Vice-Speaker)
  • Martin Borggrefe, Heidelberg/Mannheim
  • John Cleland, London
  • Tim Friede, Göttingen
  • Eva Herrmann, RheinMain
  • Jeanette Schulz-Menger, Berlin
  • Thomas Voit, London
  • Karl Wegscheider, Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck
  • Wolfram Zimmermann, Göttingen
  • Two members of WGCR
    • Frank Edelmann, Berlin
    • Dana Stahl, Greifswald


Clinical staff in by the DZHK financially supported positions coordinates the execution of DZHK-studies in the DZHK member institutions following DZHK guidelines.

Speaker team of the Clinical Staff:

  • Joahnnes Geng, Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck (Speaker)
  • Vera Jakobi, RheinMain (Co-Speaker)
  • Kristin Lehnert, Greifswald (Spreaker)
  • Kerstin Maisburger, München (Co-Speaker)

All members of the Clinical Staff: click here.