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Collaboration with external partners

Non-DZHK clinics may participate in DZHK funded studies as enrolling sites. For more information please contact the respective main study centre (see Clinical Studies).

Furthermore, the DZHK would like to support studies funded by other third parties through association. The topic of the respective study must fit in with the DZHK’s research programme.

Association of External Studies

Already fully funded clinical studies in which at least two DZHK partner sites participate may apply for the status “DZHK-associated” if the aims of the study correspond to the research interests of the DZHK. DZHK-association shows that the DZHK supports the study in a non-material way, and, for example, wants to promote the recruitment of this study using its network. The DZHK logo may be used on study documents.

The DZHK calls upon external partners to apply in a corresponding, permanently advertised call.

Alexandra Klatt,
Coordinator Clinical Research, DZHK Main office
phone: +49 30 3465 529 10, alexandra.klatt(at)dzhk.de