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Main study centre - Ulf Landmesser, MD

Effect of anticoagulation therapy on clinical outcomes in COVID-19 (COVID-PREVENT)

Update: The study was terminated early due to declining hospitalization rates of COVID-19 patients. As a result, effective recruitment was no longer possible. Statistical analysis was adjusted for the lower patient number of 111.

Numerous observational studies and autopsies point to increased blood clots (thromboses) in patients with COVID-19, which have an unfavourable influence on the course of the disease and are probably the most frequent cardiovascular complication. Recent data, including from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, show that patients treated with blood-thinning agents during their stay in hospital had a better chance of survival.

Prof. Ulf Landmesser from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin is, therefore, investigating in the Germany-wide study COVIDPREVENT on CoVID-19 patients whether the administration of the blood thinner rivaroxaban can reduce thrombotic events such as heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms or strokes and thus enable more patients to survive. The study also aims to investigate the extent to which bleeding occurs as side effects.


Rauch-Kröhnert et al.: Initial therapeutic anticoagulation with rivaroxaban compared to prophylactic therapy with heparins in moderate to severe COVID-19: results of the COVID-PREVENT randomized controlled trial. Clin Res Cardiol. 2023 Nov;112(11):1620-1638. doi: 10.1007/s00392-023-02240-1.

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Principal investigator: Ulf Landmesser (Berlin)

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