External Study Centres

Become a "DZHK Study Partner"!

External Study Centres in Germany that enroll at least ten patients in total, and after that, 5 patients per year may carry the award "DZHK Study Partner". The award is granted once a year.

Are you a representative of a clinic or a physicians in private practice and would like to participate in the DZHK studies? Here you can find all ongoing studies. If you are interested, please contact the principal investigator.

A large number of highly qualified study centres in Germany and Europe participate in our clinical studies. Some of them are DZHK member institutions, and others are external study centres as they are not affiliated with a DZHK member institution.

German external study centers that recruit well and meet the requirements of a DZHK Clinical Study Unit may officially carry this label and receive funding for clinical staff. The DZHK provides this funding for coordinating clinical study recruitment for our DZHK studies.

All other external study centers that are recruiting patients in our trials may use the title "DZHK Study Partner" (see grey box on the left).

External Study Centres with DZHK Clinical Study Unit:

Herzzentrum Leipzig