Translational Research Group (TRG)

To get translation projects off the ground within the context of the DZHK research strategy, the DZHK has established a Translational Research Group (TRG) in which external researchers are also represented. The TRG provides guidance and support for translational research projects in the initial phase. Its tasks also include aspects of commercialisation, the assessment of translational research proposals and the preparation of decisions in the DZHK bodies. Along with this, the TRG combines and expands the knowledge base for the development of new therapeutic principles within the DZHK.

Members of the TRG:


  • Mat Daemen (Amsterdam)
  • Heimo Ehmke (Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck)


  • Martin Bechem
  • Horst Domdey
  • Ralf Krappa (Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck)
  • Ulf Landmesser (Berlin)
  • Stephan E. Lehnart (Göttingen)
  • Patrick Most (Heidelberg/Mannheim)
  • Kurt Ulm (Munich)
  • Martin Ungerer (Munich)