Generation and functional characterisation of macrophage cell lines from yolk sac precursors

Funded period

2017 – 2019

Granted budget

€ 249,713



Therapeutic Principle

Cell line

Principal Investigator

Christian Schulz (Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

The tissue macrophages in adult organs, including those of the cardiovascular system, mostly originate from embryonic precursors located in the yolk-sac. However, existing macrophage cell lines mostly derive from peripheral blood mononuclear cells or leukemic cells.

Available macrophage cell lines are therefore insufficient to study tissue macrophage functions under culture conditions. The project’s goal is to generate a cell line of bona fide yolk sac-derived macrophage progenitors which can be expanded and differentiated into tissue macrophages. The functions of the macrophages of various origin are to be characterised and compared in vitro and in vivo.


As a result of the project, a macrophage cell line can be offered to partners in the DZHK as Shared Expertise No. 195.