Real-time MRI-guided targeted endomyocardial biopsy of radiofrequency-induced lesions in pigs

Funded period

2019 – 2025

Granted budget

€ 858,054



Therapeutic Principle


Principal Investigator

Christina Unterberg-Buchwald (University Medical Centre Göttingen)

The diagnostic benefit of catheter-assisted endocardial myocardial biopsy under fluoroscopy control is mainly limited due to sampling errors.

In a proof-of-concept study in mini pig we were able to show that targeted endocardial myocardial biopsy of acute lesions under real-time MRI has a higher diagnostic accuracy than undirected biopsy under fluoroscopy control. Our goal is to further develop the targeted real-time MRI-guided myocardial biopsy into a clinically safe and fast method. The first milestone of the project will be promoted, in which the mechanical properties of a new MR-suitable bioptome in our animal model will be examined for its equivalent to a conventional biopsy with a steel bioptome. With the same procedural success rate of the new MR-compatible bioptome, the entire project can be continued with the aim of developing it into a clinically relevant procedure.