Transapical mitral-valve stent implantation without using a heart-lung machine

Funded period

2016 – 2017

Granted budget

€ 337,290


heart valve disease

Therapeutic Principle

Medicinal Product

Principal Investigator

Georg Lutter (Kiel University Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)

The object of this project is the therapy of mitral-valve insufficiency by means of a transapical mi-tral-valve stent implantation in the beating heart without using a heart-lung machine.

In this project, the design of the stent is supposed to be further developed for the mitral position, so that a greater match with the natural anatomy is attained with a new oval shape. In addition to the apical fixation, another fixation system shall also be developed. The additional anchorage shall ensure the correct anatomical position of the stent.


The new heart valve technology has received CE marking and has been approved for use in all countries of the European Union. In Kiel, high-risk patients with mitral valve insufficiency, in whom a heart valve does not close completely, are now being treated with this procedure for the first time.

European approval for heart valve technology from Kiel