Translational Research Projects


Dr. Sandra Petzold
Scientific Administrator Preclinical Research
phone: +4930 3465 529 05

Translational Research Projects are located in the field of late preclinical research. First results from the laboratories are often promising, but often do not meet the requirements for initial use in humans, so that a direct translation into clinical practice is not possible.

With the Translational Research Projects we aim at closing the translational gap and thus promote the transfer of research findings into clinical development. Together with our early clinical studies, these projects are an essential element in the strategy of the DZHK.

DZHK researchers can submit project ideas in order to further develop innovative preclinical projects with a concrete perspective for a clinical application. The DZHK funds research that directly precedes or presupposes the first use of a therapy or diagnostic method in humans (first-in-human). These can be toxicology or dose-finding studies, the generation of human-relevant animal models or the repetition of the proof of concept in a large animal model.

The Translational Research Group (TRG) is the advisory committee for our Translational Research Projects and is composed of internal and external experts.

All Translational Research Projects can be found in our project database.