Publications 2023

Here you will find publications of the DZHK in chronological order. For more publications, please also check out the websites of the individual research institutions that participate in the DZHK.

DZHK Papers of the Month

Targeting ADAMTS-7: A Vaccination Against Atherosclerosis-and Its Complications? Kessler, T. & Schunkert, H. Circulation 147, 743-745 (2023).

Outcomes in Patients With Early Menopause Who Underwent Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation. Edens, M., Watanabe, Y., Nicolas, J., Sartori, S., Snyder, C., Vogel, B., Spirito, A., Tchetche, D., Petronio, A. S., Mehilli, J., Lefevre, T., Presbitero, P., Capranzano, P., Selberg, A., Iadanza, A., Sardella, G., Van Mieghem, N. M., Meliga, E., Dumonteil, N., Fraccaro, C., Trabattoni, D., Mikhail, G., Ferrer-Gracia, M. C., Naber, C., Sharma, S., Morice, M. C., Dangas, G. D., Chieffo, A. & Mehran, R. Am J Cardiol 192, 221-227 (2023).

Homozygous frameshift variant in desmoglein-2 causes biventricular arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. Ayan, H. N. U., Ali, P. S., Korejo, A. A., Thiele, H., Nurnberg, P., Tariq, M., Jamal, S. Z., Erdmann, J. & Ahmad, I. Clin Genet (2023).

Plasma viscosity, immunoglobulins and risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality: new data and meta-analyses. Lowe, G. D. O., Harris, K., Koenig, W., Ben-Shlomo, Y., Thorand, B., Peters, A., Meisinger, C., Imhof, A., Tunstall-Pedoe, H., Peters, S. A. E. & Woodward, M. J Clin Pathol (2023).

Definition of age-dependent reference values for the diameter of the common bile duct and pancreatic duct on MRCP: a population-based, cross-sectional cohort study. Beyer, G., Kasprowicz, F., Hannemann, A., Aghdassi, A., Thamm, P., Volzke, H., Lerch, M. M., Kuhn, J. P. & Mayerle, J. Gut (2023).

Surgical prehabilitation in older and frail individuals: a scoping review. Sadlonova, M., Katz, N. B., Jurayj, J. S., Flores, L., Celano, C. M., von Arnim, C. A. F. & Silver, J. K. Int Anesthesiol Clin 61, 34-46 (2023).

Aquaporin-2 is not alone. Klussmann, E. Kidney Int 103, 458-460 (2023).

Phosphodiesterase 8 governs cAMP/PKA-dependent reduction of L-type calcium current in human atrial fibrillation: a novel arrhythmogenic mechanism. Grammatika Pavlidou, N., Dobrev, S., Beneke, K., Reinhardt, F., Pecha, S., Jacquet, E., Abu-Taha, I. H., Schmidt, C., Voigt, N., Kamler, M., Schnabel, R. B., Baczko, I., Garnier, A., Reichenspurner, H., Nikolaev, V. O., Dobrev, D. & Molina, C. E. Eur Heart J (2023).

Coronary artery restenosis treatment with plain balloon, drug-coated balloon, or drug-eluting stent: 10-year outcomes of the ISAR-DESIRE 3 trial. Giacoppo, D., Alvarez-Covarrubias, H. A., Koch, T., Cassese, S., Xhepa, E., Kessler, T., Wiebe, J., Joner, M., Hochholzer, W., Laugwitz, K. L., Schunkert, H., Kastrati, A. & Kufner, S. Eur Heart J (2023).

On the role of benchmarking data sets and simulations in method comparison studies. Friedrich, S. & Friede, T. Biom J, e2200212 (2023).

Resilience and stability of the CF- intestinal and respiratory microbiome during nutritional and exercise intervention. Knoll, R. L., Jarquin-Diaz, V. H., Klopp, J., Kemper, A., Hilbert, K., Hillen, B., Pfirrmann, D., Simon, P., Bahner, V., Nitsche, O., Gehring, S., Marko, L., Forslund, S. K. & Poplawska, K. BMC Microbiol 23, 44 (2023).

Erratum: Whole-Mount Immunofluorescence Staining, Confocal Imaging and 3D Reconstruction of the Sinoatrial and Atrioventricular Node in the Mouse. J Vis Exp (2023).

Pirfenidone affects human cardiac fibroblast proliferation and cell cycle activity in 2D cultures and engineered connective tissues. Meyer, F. E. U., Santos, G. L., Doan, T. P., DeGrave, A. N., Bues, B. & Lutz, S. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol (2023).

Addressing current challenges in optimization of lipid management following an ACS event: Outcomes of the ACS EuroPath III initiative. Catapano, A. L., De Caterina, R., Jukema, J. W., Klempfner, R., Landmesser, U., Schiele, F. & Sionis, A. Clin Cardiol (2023).

Urinary Marker Profiles in Heart Failure with Reduced Versus Preserved Ejection Fraction. Streng, K. W., Hillege, H. L., Ter Maaten, J. M., van Veldhuisen, D. J., Dickstein, K., Samani, N. J., Ng, L. L., Metra, M., Filippatos, G. S., Ponikowski, P., Zannad, F., Anker, S. D., van der Meer, P., Lang, C. C., Voors, A. A. & Damman, K. J Cardiovasc Transl Res (2023).

Title: Association of aldosterone with mortality in the general population. Then, C., Herder, C., Heier, M., Meisinger, C., Koenig, W., Rathmann, W., Sujana, C., Roden, M., Bidlingmaier, M., Seissler, J., Thorand, B., Peters, A. & Reincke, M. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes (2023).

High on-aspirin treatment platelet reactivity and restenosis after percutaneous coronary intervention: results of the Intracoronary Stenting and Antithrombotic Regimen-ASpirin and Platelet Inhibition (ISAR-ASPI) Registry. Mayer, K., Ndrepepa, G., Schroeter, M., Emmer, C., Bernlochner, I., Schupke, S., Gewalt, S., Hilz, R., Coughlan, J. J., Aytekin, A., Heyken, C., Morath, T., Schunkert, H., Laugwitz, K. L., Sibbing, D. & Kastrati, A. Clin Res Cardiol (2023).

Acute procedural efficacy and safety of a novel cryoballoon for the treatment of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: results from the POLAR ICE study. Martin, C. A., Tilz, R. R. R., Anic, A., Defaye, P., Luik, A., Asmundis, C., Champ-Rigot, L., Iacopino, S., Sommer, P., Albrecht, E. M., Raybuck, J. D., Richards, E., Cielen, N., Yap, S. C. & Investigators, P. I. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol (2023).

Derivation and validation of the ISAR score to predict the risk of repeat percutaneous coronary intervention for recurrent drug-eluting stent restenosis. Coughlan, J. J., Aytekin, A., Lahu, S., Scalamogna, M., Wiebe, J., Pinieck, S., Kufner, S., Xhepa, E., Joner, M., Kuna, C., Voll, F., Laugwitz, K. L., Schunkert, H., Kastrati, A. & Cassese, S. EuroIntervention (2023).

Use of mechanical circulatory support in patients with non-ischemic cardiogenic shock. Schrage, B., Sundermeyer, J., Beer, B. N., Bertoldi, L., Bernhardt, A., Blankenberg, S., Dauw, J., Dindane, Z., Eckner, D., Eitel, I., Graf, T., Horn, P., Kirchhof, P., Kluge, S., Linke, A., Landmesser, U., Luedike, P., Lusebrink, E., Mangner, N., Maniuc, O., Winkler, S. M., Nordbeck, P., Orban, M., Pappalardo, F., Pauschinger, M., Pazdernik, M., Proudfoot, A., Kelham, M., Rassaf, T., Reichenspurner, H., Scherer, C., Schulze, P. C., Schwinger, R. H. G., Skurk, C., Sramko, M., Tavazzi, G., Thiele, H., Villanova, L., Morici, N., Wechsler, A., Westenfeld, R., Winzer, E. & Westermann, D. Eur J Heart Fail (2023).

Bone status in men with heart failure: results from the Studies Investigating Co-morbidities Aggravating Heart Failure. Loncar, G., Garfias-Veitl, T., Valentova, M., Vatic, M., Lainscak, M., Obradovic, D., Dschietzig, T. B., Doehner, W., Jankowska, E. A., Anker, S. D. & von Haehling, S. Eur J Heart Fail (2023).

Sex Differences in 10-Year Outcomes After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention With Drug-Eluting Stents: Insights From the DECADE Cooperation. Coughlan, J. J., Raber, L., Brugaletta, S., Kufner, S., Maeng, M., Jensen, L. O., Ortega-Paz, L., Bar, S., Laugwitz, K. L., Madsen, M., Heg, D., Aytekin, A., Windecker, S., Olesen, K. K. W., Sabate, M., Kastrati, A. & Cassese, S. Circulation 147, 575-585 (2023).

The MyoPulser field stimulator, a do it yourself programmable electronic pacemaker for contracting cells and tissues. Ott, C. & Jung, T. Sci Rep 13, 2461 (2023).

An Early Indication of Higher In-Hospital Mortality Risk Among Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Pneumonia. Dandel, M. J Am Soc Echocardiogr (2023).

Evaluation of right atrial function by two-dimensional echocardiography and strain imaging in patients with RCA CTO recanalization. Blessing, R., Drosos, I., Munzel, T., Wenzel, P., Gori, T. & Dimitriadis, Z. BMC Cardiovasc Disord 23, 85 (2023).

Effects of empagliflozin on left ventricular diastolic function in addition to usual care in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus-results from the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled EmDia trial. Prochaska, J. H., Junger, C., Schulz, A., Arnold, N., Muller, F., Heidorn, M. W., Baumkotter, R., Zahn, D., Koeck, T., Trobs, S. O., Lackner, K. J., Daiber, A., Binder, H., Shah, S. J., Gori, T., Munzel, T. & Wild, P. S. Clin Res Cardiol (2023).

Regional extracellular volume within late gadolinium enhancement-positive myocardium to differentiate cardiac sarcoidosis from myocarditis of other etiology: a cardiovascular magnetic resonance study. Treiber, J., Novak, D., Fischer-Rasokat, U., Wolter, J. S., Kriechbaum, S., Weferling, M., von Jeinsen, B., Hain, A., Rieth, A. J., Siemons, T., Keller, T., Hamm, C. W. & Rolf, A. J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 25, 8 (2023).

Aberrant phase separation and nucleolar dysfunction in rare genetic diseases. Mensah, M. A., Niskanen, H., Magalhaes, A. P., Basu, S., Kircher, M., Sczakiel, H. L., Reiter, A. M. V., Elsner, J., Meinecke, P., Biskup, S., Chung, B. H. Y., Dombrowsky, G., Eckmann-Scholz, C., Hitz, M. P., Hoischen, A., Holterhus, P. M., Hulsemann, W., Kahrizi, K., Kalscheuer, V. M., Kan, A., Krumbiegel, M., Kurth, I., Leubner, J., Longardt, A. C., Moritz, J. D., Najmabadi, H., Skipalova, K., Snijders Blok, L., Tzschach, A., Wiedersberg, E., Zenker, M., Garcia-Cabau, C., Buschow, R., Salvatella, X., Kraushar, M. L., Mundlos, S., Caliebe, A., Spielmann, M., Horn, D. & Hnisz, D. Nature (2023).

Adipocyte-derived extracellular vesicles increase insulin secretion through transport of insulinotropic protein cargo. Kulaj, K., Harger, A., Bauer, M., Caliskan, O. S., Gupta, T. K., Chiang, D. M., Milbank, E., Reber, J., Karlas, A., Kotzbeck, P., Sailer, D. N., Volta, F., Lutter, D., Prakash, S., Merl-Pham, J., Ntziachristos, V., Hauner, H., Pfaffl, M. W., Tschop, M. H., Muller, T. D., Hauck, S. M., Engel, B. D., Gerdes, J. M., Pfluger, P. T., Krahmer, N. & Stemmer, K. Nat Commun 14, 709 (2023).

Robotic stereotactic body radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer: final analysis of the German HYPOSTAT trial. Krug, D., Imhoff, D., Haidenberger, A., Hessler, N., Schafer, J., Huttenlocher, S., Chatzikonstantinou, G., Furweger, C., Ramm, U., Konig, I. R., Chun, F., Staehler, M., Rodel, C., Muacevic, A., Vonthein, R., Dunst, J. & Blanck, O. Strahlenther Onkol (2023).

Quantification of physical activity with prospective activity tracking after transfemoral aortic valve replacement. Haum, M., Humpfer, F., Steffen, J., Fischer, J., Stocker, T. J., Sadoni, S., Theiss, H., Braun, D., Orban, M., Rizas, K., Massberg, S., Hausleiter, J. & Deseive, S. Int J Cardiol (2023).

High glucose leads to redistribution of the proteasomal system. Grune, T., Schnell, V. & Jung, T. Biofactors (2023).

DNA repair in cardiomyocytes is critical for maintaining cardiac function in mice. de Boer, M., Te Lintel Hekkert, M., Chang, J., van Thiel, B. S., Martens, L., Bos, M. M., de Kleijnen, M. G. J., Ridwan, Y., Octavia, Y., van Deel, E. D., Blonden, L. A., Brandt, R. M. C., Barnhoorn, S., Bautista-Nino, P. K., Krabbendam-Peters, I., Wolswinkel, R., Arshi, B., Ghanbari, M., Kupatt, C., de Windt, L. J., Danser, A. H. J., van der Pluijm, I., Remme, C. A., Stoll, M., Pothof, J., Roks, A. J. M., Kavousi, M., Essers, J., van der Velden, J., Hoeijmakers, J. H. J. & Duncker, D. J. Aging Cell, e13768 (2023).

Effects of Remote Patient Management on Self-Care Behaviour in Heart Failure Patients: Results from the randomised TIM-HF2 Trial. Deckwart, O., Koehler, K., Lezius, S., Prescher, S., Koehler, F. & Winkler, S. Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs (2023).

European Society of Cardiology quality indicators for the management of patients with ventricular arrhythmias and the prevention of sudden cardiac death. Aktaa, S., Tzeis, S., Gale, C. P., Ackerman, M. J., Arbelo, E., Behr, E. R., Crotti, L., d'Avila, A., de Chillou, C., Deneke, T., Figueiredo, M., Friede, T., Leclercq, C., Merino, J. L., Semsarian, C., Verstrael, A., Zeppenfeld, K., Tfelt-Hansen, J. & Reichlin, T. Europace 25, 199-210 (2023).

How can we improve the evidence base for the treatment and care for patients with congenital heart disease? Uebing, A. & Hitz, M. P. Eur Heart J (2023).

Translating principles of quality control to cardiovascular magnetic resonance: assessing quantitative parameters of the left ventricle in a large cohort. Riazy, L., Dauber, S., Lange, S., Viezzer, D. S., Ott, S., Wiesemann, S., Blaszczyk, E., Muhlberg, F., Zange, L. & Schulz-Menger, J. Sci Rep 13, 2205 (2023).

Cardiac radioablation of incessant ventricular tachycardia in patients with terminal heart failure under permanent left ventricular assist device therapy-description of two cases. Mehrhof, F., Bergengruen, P., Gerds-Li, J. H., Jahn, A., Kluge, A. K., Parwani, A., Zips, D., Boldt, L. H. & Schonrath, F. Strahlenther Onkol (2023).

Comparison of plug-based versus suture-based vascular closure for large-bore arterial access: a collaborative meta-analysis of observational and randomized studies. Dumpies, O., Jobs, A., Obradovic, D., van Wiechen, M., Hartung, P., Rotta Detto Loria, J., Wilde, J., Majunke, N., Kiefer, P., Noack, T., Thiele, H., van Mieghem, N., Desch, S. & Abdel-Wahab, M. Clin Res Cardiol (2023).

Immunodeficiency is prevalent in congenital heart disease and associated with increased risk of emergency admissions and death. Diller, G. P., Lammers, A. E., Fischer, A., Orwat, S., Nienhaus, K., Schmidt, R., Radke, R. M., De-Torres-Alba, F., Kaleschke, G., Marschall, U., Bauer, U. M., Roth, J., Gerss, J., Bormann, E. & Baumgartner, H. Eur Heart J (2023).

Introduction of a cascaded segmentation pipeline for parametric T1 mapping in cardiovascular magnetic resonance to improve segmentation performance. Viezzer, D., Hadler, T., Ammann, C., Blaszczyk, E., Fenski, M., Grandy, T. H., Wetzl, J., Lange, S. & Schulz-Menger, J. Sci Rep 13, 2103 (2023).

Expert opinion: How to treat type IA endoleakage. Peterss, S., Stana, J., Rantner, B., Buech, J., Radner, C., Konstantinou, N., Hagl, C., Pichlmaier, M. & Tsilimparis, N. Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann, 2184923231154742 (2023).

Angiotensin Deficient FVB/N Mice are Normotensive. Rodrigues, A. F., Todiras, M., Qadri, F., Alenina, N. & Bader, M. Br J Pharmacol (2023).

Spironolactone effect on circulating procollagen type I carboxy-terminal propeptide: Pooled analysis of three randomized trials. Ferreira, J. P., Cleland, J. G., Girerd, N., Rossignol, P., Pellicori, P., Cosmi, F., Mariottoni, B., Gonzalez, A., Diez, J., Solomon, S. D., Claggett, B., Pfeffer, M. A., Pitt, B., Petutschnigg, J., Pieske, B., Edelmann, F. & Zannad, F. Int J Cardiol (2023).

Machine learning identifies pathophysiologically and prognostically informative phenotypes among patients with mitral regurgitation undergoing transcatheter edge-to-edge repair. Trenkwalder, T., Lachmann, M., Stolz, L., Fortmeier, V., Covarrubias, H. A. A., Rippen, E., Schurmann, F., Presch, A., von Scheidt, M., Ruff, C., Hesse, A., Gercek, M., Mayr, N. P., Ott, I., Schuster, T., Harmsen, G., Yuasa, S., Kufner, S., Hoppmann, P., Kupatt, C., Schunkert, H., Kastrati, A., Laugwitz, K. L., Rudolph, V., Joner, M., Hausleiter, J. & Xhepa, E. Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging (2023).

Population-based reference values for 4D flow MRI derived aortic blood flow parameters. Schafstedde, M., Jarmatz, L., Bruning, J., Hullebrand, M., Nordmeyer, S., Harloff, A. & Hennemuth, A. Physiol Meas 44 (2023).

Circulating cardiac biomarkers, structural brain changes, and dementia: Emerging insights and perspectives. Jensen, M., Zeller, T., Twerenbold, R. & Thomalla, G. Alzheimers Dement (2023).

North and East African mitochondrial genetic variation needs further characterization towards precision medicine. Fahnrich, A., Stephan, I., Hirose, M., Haarich, F., Awadelkareem, M. A., Ibrahim, S., Busch, H. & Wohlers, I. J Adv Res (2023).

New Cerebral Microbleeds After Catheter-Based Structural Heart Interventions: An Exploratory Analysis. Braemswig, T. B., Kusserow, M., Bellmann, B., Beckhoff, F., Reinthaler, M., von Rennenberg, R., Erdur, H., Scheitz, J. F., Galinovic, I., Villringer, K., Leistner, D. M., Audebert, H. J., Endres, M., Landmesser, U., Haeusler, K. G., Fiebach, J. B., Lauten, A., Rillig, A. & Nolte, C. H. J Am Heart Assoc 12, e8189 (2023).

Predictive model of transcriptional elongation control identifies trans regulatory factors from chromatin signatures. Akcan, T. S., Vilov, S. & Heinig, M. Nucleic Acids Res (2023).

Epigenetic aging in patients diagnosed with coronary artery disease: results of the LipidCardio study. Banszerus, V. L., Konig, M., Landmesser, U., Vetter, V. M. & Demuth, I. Clin Epigenetics 15, 16 (2023).

Epigenome-Wide Association Study Reveals CpG Sites Associated with Thyroid Function and Regulatory Effects on KLF9. Weihs, A., Chaker, L., Martin, T. C., Braun, K. V. E., Campbell, P. J., Cox, S. R., Fornage, M., Gieger, C., Grabe, H. J., Grallert, H., Harris, S. E., Kuhnel, B., Marioni, R. E., Martin, N. G., McCartney, D. L., McRae, A. F., Meisinger, C., van Meurs, J. B. J., Nano, J., Nauck, M., Peters, A., Prokisch, H., Roden, M., Selvin, E., Beekman, M., van Heemst, D., Slagboom, E. P., Swenson, B. R., Tin, A., Tsai, P. C., Uitterlinden, A., Visser, W. E., Volzke, H., Waldenberger, M., Walsh, J. P., Kottgen, A., Wilson, S. G., Peeters, R. P., Bell, J. T., Medici, M. & Teumer, A. Thyroid (2023).

Impact of ferric carboxymaltose for iron deficiency at discharge after heart failure hospitalisation: A European multinational economic evaluation. McEwan, P., Harrison, C., Binnie, R., Lewis, R. D., Cohen-Solal, A., Lund, L. H., Ohlsson, M., von Haehling, S., Comin-Colet, J., Pascual-Figal, D. A., Wachter, S., Dorigotti, F., de Arellano, A. R., Ponikowski, P. & Jankowska, E. A. Eur J Heart Fail (2023).

Eligibility for sotagliflozin in a real-world heart failure population based on the SOLOIST-WHF trial enrolment criteria: Data from the swedish heart failure registry. Becher, P. M., Savarese, G., Benson, L., Dahlstrom, U., Karlstrom, P., Mol, P. G. M., Metra, M., Bhatt, D. L., Pitt, B. & Lund, L. H. Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Pharmacother (2023).

Myocardial Characterization with Extracellular Volume Mapping with a First-Generation Photon-counting Detector CT with MRI Reference. Aquino, G. J., O'Doherty, J., Schoepf, U. J., Ellison, B., Byrne, J., Fink, N., Zsarnoczay, E., Wolf, E. V., Allmendinger, T., Schmidt, B., Flohr, T., Baruah, D., Suranyi, P., Varga-Szemes, A. & Emrich, T. Radiology, 222030 (2023).


A step towards disentangling the complex relationship between vitamin D and kidney function. Teumer, A. & Rebholz, C. M. J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2023).  

Single-cell RNA-based phenotyping reveals a pivotal role of thyroid hormone receptor alpha for hypothalamic development. Sreenivasan, V. K. A., Dore, R., Resch, J., Maier, J., Dietrich, C., Henck, J., Balachandran, S., Mittag, J. & Spielmann, M. Development 150 (2023).  

Prevalence and patterns of in-stent neoatherosclerosis in lower extremity artery disease. Muller, A., Bradaric, C., Kafka, A., Joner, M., Cassese, S., Xhepa, E., Kufner, S., Kastrati, A., Laugwitz, K. L., Ibrahim, T. & Koppara, T. EuroIntervention (2023).  

DNA methylation analysis identifies novel genetic loci associated with circulating fibrinogen levels in blood. Hahn, J., Bressler, J., Domingo-Relloso, A., Chen, M. H., McCartney, D. L., Teumer, A., van Dongen, J., Kleber, M. E., Aissi, D., Swenson, B. R., Yao, J., Zhao, W., Huang, J., Xia, Y., Brown, M. R., Costeira, R., de Geus, E. J. C., Delgado, G. E., Dobson, D. A., Elliott, P. et al. J Thromb Haemost (2023).  

CNP Promotes Antiarrhythmic Effects via Phosphodiesterase 2. Cachorro, E., Gunscht, M., Schubert, M., Sadek, M. S., Siegert, J., Dutt, F., Bauermeister, C., Quickert, S., Berning, H., Nowakowski, F., Lammle, S., Firneburg, R., Luo, X., Kunzel, S. R., Klapproth, E., Mirtschink, P., Mayr, M., Dewenter, M., Vettel, C., Heijman, J. et al. Circ Res (2023).  

Iliofemoral artery predilation prior to transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve implantation in patients with aortic valve stenosis and advanced peripheral artery disease. Alvarez-Covarrubias, H. A., Joner, M., Cassese, S., Warmbrunn, M., Lutz, J., Trenkwalder, T., Seguchi, M., Aytekin, A., Presch, A., Pellegrini, C., Rheude, T., Patrick Mayr, N., Kufner, S., Schunkert, H., Kastrati, A. & Xhepa, E. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv (2023).  

Effects of a 2-year exercise training on neuromuscular system health in older individuals with low muscle function. Monti, E., Tagliaferri, S., Zampieri, S., Sarto, F., Sirago, G., Franchi, M. V., Ticinesi, A., Longobucco, Y., Adorni, E., Lauretani, F., Von Haehling, S., Marzetti, E., Calvani, R., Bernabei, R., Cesari, M., Maggio, M. & Narici, M. V. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle (2023).  

Interaction of polystyrene nanoparticles with supported lipid bilayers: Impact of nanoparticle size and protein corona. Meesaragandla, B., Blessing, D. O., Karanth, S., Rong, A., Geist, N. & Delcea, M. Macromol Biosci, e2200464 (2023).  

Aircraft noise exposure induces pro-inflammatory vascular conditioning and amplifies vascular dysfunction and impairment of cardiac function after myocardial infarction. Molitor, M., Jimenez, M. T. B., Hahad, O., Witzler, C., Finger, S., Garlapati, V. S., Rajlic, S., Knopp, T., Bieler, T., Aluia, M., Wild, J., Lagrange, J., Blessing, R., Rapp, S., Schulz, A., Kleinert, H., Karbach, S., Steven, S., Ruf, W., Wild, P. et al. Cardiovasc Res (2023).  

FOXO3A acts as immune response modulator in human virus-negative inflammatory cardiomyopathy. Makrutzki-Zlotek, K., Escher, F., Karadeniz, Z., Aleshcheva, G., Pietsch, H., Kuchler, K., Schultheiss, H. P., Heidecker, B., Poller, W., Landmesser, U., Scheibenbogen, C., Thevathasan, T. & Skurk, C. Heart (2023).  

Increase of c-FOS promoter transcriptional activity by the dual leucine zipper kinase. Koster, K. A., Duque Escobar, J., Fietkau, A., Toledo, R. & Oetjen, E. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol (2023).  

miR-132-3p and KLF7 as novel regulators of aortic stiffening-associated EndMT in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Hulshoff, M. S., Schellinger, I. N., Xu, X., Fledderus, J., Rath, S. K., Wong, F. C., Maamari, S., Haunschild, J., Krenning, G., Raaz, U. & Zeisberg, E. M. Diabetol Metab Syndr 15, 11 (2023).  

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