• Feasibility Explorer

Feasibility Explorer

The Feasibility Explorer is the tool for selecting proband collectives in the process of submitting a usage application for data and/or biomaterials in the DZHK. Applicants can use the Feasibility Explorer to obtain an overview of data and biomaterials available in the DZHK. By means of different filter settings, the population can be limited and a collective, which is suitable to examine the underlying scientific problem of a usage application, can be formed. If the size of the selected proband collective is sufficient to answer the problem, it is advisable to file a usage application for data and/or biomaterials. The selected filter settings can be exported by the ‚Generate Token‘ function and transferred to the usage application as well as saved for later use.

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The functions of the Feasibility Explorer are described in more detail in the short manual.

Data Basis

The Feasibility Explorer accesses a selected data basis that has been released for secondary use. Only cleansed data of participants with valid consent will be used. The following characteristics are currently enclosed in the data basis:
  • The clinical Basic Data Set (42 items, see Data Catalogue),
  • directly derived values (e.g. age, BMI),
  • information about the availability of material of the Biobanking Basic Set and
  • special information about the informed consents.

The data basis is updated regularly.

Data basis as of:

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