Partner Site Lower Saxony

Prof. Dr. Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann
Partner site spokesperson
(University Medical Center Göttingen)

Prof. Dr. Rabea Hinkel
Deputy partner site spokesperson
(German Primate Center, DPZ)

Prof. Dr. med. Elisabeth Zeisberg
Deputy partner site spokesperson
(University Medical Center Göttingen)

Dr. Axel Kaul
Partner site manager
(University Medical Center Göttingen)
phone: +49 551 39 63683

Dr Annika Brien
Partner site coordinator
phone: +49 551 39 62992

Sabine Effenberger
Support to administrative assistant
phone: +49 551 39 63708


Sylvia Vann
Administrative assistant to the partner site manager
phone: +49 551 39 62377

Principal Investigators

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Profile of Partner Site

The Lower Saxony partner site of the DZHK is represented by the Heart Center of the University Medical Center Göttingen, in which the research activities of Göttingen University, the University Medical Center, the two Max Planck Institutes (Multidisciplinary Sciences, Dynamics and Self-Organisation) and the German Primate Center converge.

Research at the Lower Saxony partner site of the DZHK focuses on heart failure, in particular the research fields of cardiac pump failure and arrhythmias. Through innovative imaging methods, new diagnostic and treatment options are being developed. Low energy anti-fibrillation pacing will be clinically implemented to control arrhythmias. Pump failure will be addressed by myocardial tissue regeneration with stem cell-based engineered myocardium. 

As part of the cooperative programmes of the DZHK, the following research activities will be carried out in Lower Saxony:

  1. High-resolution imaging on tissue through innovative microscopy procedures (nanoscopy)
  2. Real-time MRI to study cardiac function in patients
  3. Simulation models to predict disease outcomes and therapy successes
  4. Low energy anti-fibrillation pacing to control arrhythmias
  5. Human stem cell banks for research into heart disease and
  6. Development of stem cell-based regeneration with engineered myocardium.

The Lower Saxony site coordinates large national and international clinical studies with a focus on diastolic heart failure.