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Fostering the Next Generation of Researchers: Young DZHK

Participants of the 2nd Young DZHK retreat in September 2015 at the Templiner See near Potsdam
2nd Young-DZHK-Retreat September 2015

Starting a career in research poses many professional and personal challenges. For example, physicians may find it difficult to combine daily clinical duties with their research activities. In addition, for basic scientists in their early career, funding opportunities for independent research are scarce. The DZHK encourages early career physicians and basic scientists to get involved in translational cardiovascular research. For this purpose the DZHK has conceptualized an extensive program of training and continuing education with the aim to promote further career development. The objective is to promote not only continuing scientific education but also to provide funding opportunities during early career stages. The annual Young DZHK retreat was established in 2014 to provide a networking platform for young scientists from the seven partner sites.

The Young DZHK, in close collaboration with the DZHK’s Principle Investigators, supports the personal and professional development of young scientists on their way to becoming independent, successful investigators in cardiovascular research.

The Young DZHK includes all registered early career scientists in the DZHK. Basic scientists can benefit from the funding and training opportunities for up to seven years after receiving their Ph.D., while physicians are members for up to ten years after completing their M.D. All registered doctoral students are also Young DZHK members. All young DZHK members are listed in the DZHK intranet with their scientific interests and main research topics. Young DZHK members can apply for the different education opportunities, the annual mentoring program and DZHK Excellence Grants.

The Young DZHK committee was established in 2013. Each partner site has two post-doctoral electives. The Young DZHK committee meets on a regular basis in Berlin to discuss current issues for early career scientists. Furthermore, the Young DZHK chairman also participates in the monthly DZHK RCC meetings. Lastly, the Young DZHK committee organizes the Young DZHK retreat in close collaboration with DZHK main office.

Young-DZHK partner site coordinators

Eva Wagner
Michael Stauske

Kristin Lehnert
Martin Bahls

Katharina Scherschel
Ashraf Rangrez

Dennis Gürgen
Tobias Daniel Trippel

Elham Kayvanpour

Tobias Jakobi

Dorothee Atzler

Thorsten Kessler

Tina Lucas

Sven-Oliver Tröbs



PostDoc Representatives Body

  • Thorsten Kessler, Speaker (Munich)
  • Dorothee Atzler, Deputy Speaker (Munich)
  • Martin Bahls, Deputy speaker (Greifswald)
Speaker: Thorsten Kessler
Deputy Speaker: Dorothee Atzler
Deputy speaker: Martin Bahls