DGK-DZHK Workshop Series

In cooperation with the DGK (German Cardiac Society), the DZHK offers a Workshop-Series to support young researchers. The workshops are intended to convey not only the fundamentals of cardiovascular research but also practical know-how. The goal is to educate and connect young scientists from the DZHK and the DGK. 

The workshops are free of charge for members of the DZHK and the DGK. Once young scientists have fully completed the programme and can demonstrate that they have participated in at least seven (of twelve) workshops they will receive a certificate. 

A workshop series consisting of three workshops will take place every year. Two workshops will take place during the Annual Conference and the Autumn Meeting of the DGK. The third workshop will be organised by the DZHK and will take place in Berlin during the summer.

Start of new Workshop Series:

30.03.2016: Vascular Biology

  • Mechanisms of the formation of blood vessels and remodelling - vasculogenesis, angiogenesis, and arteriogenesis
  • Mechanisms of atherosclerosis - inflammation and lipid metabolism
  • Mechanisms of atherosclerosis - genetic determinants
  • Mechanisms of atherosclerosis - atherothrombosis
  • Metabolic control of the vascular system
  • Clinic and Research - How can it be combined?

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