Excellence programme

DZHK Junior Research Group

Aim of the DZHK Junior Research Groups is to win over qualified and talented young scientists from Germany and from abroad for the DZHK, or to support qualified and talented members of the Young DZHK on their way to an early scientific independence. By leading a junior research group, but also by taking on teaching duties to a reasonable extent, the young scientist shall become eligible for professorship. A DZHK junior research group may be funded for up to five years, up to 250.000 Euros per year may be requested.

The Clinician Scientist Programme directs at young physicians with a doctoral degree who are at the start of their specialized medical training and who aim to follow a clinical and a scientific career. The programme combines the specialized medical training with a 'protected time' for research purposes. Up to 2.5 years of funding of the own position can be applied for to conduct an independent research project. The total programme duration is eight years at maximum. Participants should have acquired both their medical specification as well as the habilitation at the end of the programme.

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Postdoc Start-up Grant

Postdoc members of the Young DZHK may receive start-up funding for a self-contained research project to generate first data for subsequently submitting a research proposal for example to the DFG, the EU or the BMBF. Grants of up to 60.000 Euros for a period of up to one year can be applied for.

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Rotation Grant for Medical Doctors

The aim of the DZHK Rotation Grant is to give medical doctors who are members of the Young DZHK and who are already part or wish to be part of a DZHK research project the opportunity to be released from patient care for one year. The fellow will be enabled to devote her/his time solely to the research project. The DZHK Rotation Grant will be put towards financing medical staff that will take on the fellow’s job of patient care. With the Rotation Grant we want to offer a funding module which strengthens clinical research within the DZHK in the long term.

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Promotion of women scientists

With this funding line the DZHK wants to enhance the career of women scientists with children and to improve the reconciliation of scientific qualification and family-related responsibilities. Up to 63.000 Euro for financing non-academic staff and consumables for conducting an independent research project can be applied for. The maximum duration of funding is 12 months.



Romy Hribal, Coordinator Promotion of Young Scientists, DZHK main office
p.: +49 30 3465 529-04, excellencegrants(at)dzhk.de