Young-DZHK exchanges, workshops and scholarships

Visiting Scientist Programme

The DZHK Visiting Scientist Programme gives members of the Young DZHK the possibility to improve their scientific and professional skills by funding a limited stay at another DZHK partner institution. Stays at host institutions in Germany, which are not part of the DZHK or abroad are also possible whereas the relevance to and benefit for the DZHK must be justified.

Travel Grants

The DZHK provides travel grants in order to give young researchers the possibility to participate in congresses, meetings and workshops for the purpose of scientific exchange, training activities and professional development opportunities. The participation in different internal or external programmes is offered, e.g. external workshops, high-ranking congresses, DZHK Symposia or Young DZHK Retreat.

Organisation of Young DZHK Workshops

The aim of this funding measure is to promote the networking of young researchers in the DZHK and their scientific education. Members of the Young DZHK can send proposals for workshop topics to the Young DZHK Postdoc committee.

Doctoral Scholarships

The aim of this programme is to promote the scientific training and quality of medical students. With this scholarship, students of medicine with an interest in research are given the opportunity to pursue an experimental doctoral thesis in a DZHK project. Applicants can apply for a doctoral scholarship in the amount of €800 per month for such a doctoral thesis.

Further information on the programme (intranet).

Romy Hribal, Coordinator Promotion of Young Scientists, DZHK Main Office
Tel.: 030 346 5529-04, training(at)