Prof. Dr. Sabina Ulbricht, MPH


Prof. Dr. Sabina Ulbricht, MPH

University Medicine Greifswald
Institute for Community Medicine
Department Social Medicine and Prevention

Email: sabina.ulbricht(at)


Research areas: modifiable cardiovascular risk factors, brief interventions, health inequalities

Sabina Ulbricht is DZHK Professor for behavioral prevention of cardiovascular diseases at the University Medicine Greifswald.

Research focus

Sabina Ulbricht's research agenda focuses on three main areas: 1) the development of theory-based behavior change interventions, 2) testing of strategies and settings to improve the outreach of socioeconomically deprived population groups for prevention, and 3) understanding the mechanisms and reasons involved in socioeconomic health inequalities.

Related to theory-based intervention studies (1), she is running technology-based intervention studies aiming to increase physical activity and to reduce sedentary time. In (2) she is investigating how different socioeconomic factors affect the involvement of individuals in cardiovascular prevention measures. One key finding in one of her last studies was that individuals reached for a cardio-preventive examination via job centers showed a more adverse risk factor profile towards smoking and body-mass index compared to those reached in the general practices.

In an ongoing project, she is investigating the amount and intensity of physical activity in different parts of pregnancy. A focus of this study is on how study-related information should be delivered to the target group to reach especially women with lower socioeconomic status.


Sport als Medizin

Die Prävention wurde in der kardiovaskulären Forschung lange Zeit vernachlässigt. DZHK-Wissenschaftler wollen das ändern. Prävention soll stärker auf den einzelnen zugeschnitten werden. Und es gilt, Menschen, die aktiv sein wollen, möglichst lange darin zu bestärken. Weiterlesen

Key publications

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