DZHK Junior Research Group

Call for applications

The German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) is among the six German Centres of Health Research (DZG) that are dedicated to the improvements in human health and medical care. 

The DZHK focuses on translating new approaches in cardiovascular research as rapidly as possible into clinical practice in order to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The DZHK brings together more than 140 principal investigators from 28 universities and other research institutions at seven partner sites in Germany.

The DZHK wants to attract outstanding young researchers from Germany and abroad. It aims to support qualified and talented researchers on their way to an early scientific independence in cardiovascular research.

Eligible are scientists who are holding a doctoral degree. Scientists can apply up to six years after obtaining their doctorate, applicants holding a degree in medicine can submit an application up to eight years after after graduation from medical school (state examination or equivalent first-professional degree in medicine). Periods of family leave within the eligibility period are taken into account.

We are looking for scientists with

  • an interest in translational research,
  • special scientific achievements which are demonstrated through publications in high ranking peer-reviewed journals,
  • at least two years of research experience outside Germany and
  • at least two years of working as a postdoctoral scientist at the start of funding.

Funding period and subject matter of funding
We will fund excellent research projects which are in line with the strategy of the DZHK. Selected Junior Research Groups will be funded for a period of up to six years. The maximum annual grant amount is 250,000 Euros. DZHK Junior Research Groups can be established at one of the 28 partner institutions.

Closing date

Rounds of evaluation are held twice a year. Any applications received by the relevant closing date will be considered.

Evaluation round June 2020
Closing date: 31/05/2020
Shortlisting: October 2020
Selection interview: November 2020

Evaluation round December 2020
Closing date: 30/11/2020
Shortlisting: April 2021
Selection interview: May 2021

Application documents

Only complete applications enter the evaluation process and must contain the following documents:

Application form
Research proposal including CV and list of publications

Please read the funding guideline ‘Junior Research Group’ for further details.

Selection process

The applications are assessed in a multistage process

  • DZHK internal assessment (review panel consisting of DZHK Board of Directors, partner site speakers and speaker of the Young DZHK)
  • external peer review
  • shortlisting and
  • selection interviews.