Use and Access Committee (UAC)

Considering the high scientific value of the DZHK Heart Bank and the stringent requirements around patient rights, applications for access to data and biospecimen of the DZHK Heart Bank will be evaluated according to their scientific objective and potential benefit. The independent Use and Access Committee (UAC) takes over these tasks according to transparent criteria according to the DZHK Use and Access Policy. Representatives of each DZHK partner site, biobank, ethics and statistics experts, as well as external consultants have been appointed to the committee.

Members of the Use and Access Committee:

Representatives of partner sites

  • Kayvanpour, Elham | Heidelberg/Mannheim
  • Teumer, Alexander | Greifswald
  • Edelmann, Frank | Berlin 
  • Kääb, Stefan | Munich (UAC spokesperson)
  • Sandek, Anja | Göttingen
  • Toprak, Betül | Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck 
  • Wild, Philipp | RhineMain

Representatives in fields of expertise

  • Leha, Andreas | Göttingen
  • Mansmann, Ulrich | Munich
  • N.N.
  • Zeller, Tanja | Hamburg (UAC co-spokesperson)
  • Rapp, Steffen | Mainz