• 2nd DZHK Conference on Translational Medicine

    We are delighted to be holding the 2nd DZHK Conference on Translational Medicine in January of 2019.

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  • Mission

    The most important goal of the DZHK is to make research findings available as quickly as possible to all patients in Germany and to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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  • Clinical Studies

    DZHK-research focusses on clinical studies, registers and cohorts involving all 17 clinical site partners. Also non-DZHK-member-institutions include patients in DZHK-studies.

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  • Young DZHK

    Effektive Translation setzt Nachwuchs voraus, der die Forschung in diesem Bereich zum Ziel hat. Das DZHK legt einen Schwerpunkt darauf, Kliniker und Wissenschaftler in genau diesen Bereichen auszubilden.

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Paper of the Month

September 2018

Efficacy of telemedical interventional management in patients with heart failure (TIM-HF2): a randomised, controlled, parallel-group, unmasked trial. The Lancet, Volume 392 (2018). DZHK authors: Wegscheider, Edelmann, Schöbel, Dreger, Anker, Stangl

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