• "Biobanks can help you accelerate your career"

    How data and samples from the DZHK collection can help your research - Dr Wesley Abplanalp talks about this in an interview.

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  • Mission

    The most important goal of the DZHK is to make research findings available as quickly as possible to all patients in Germany and to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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06.12.2022 Research News >

Researchers find more genes that cause heart disease

Dozens of new gene loci are linked to the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), an international team involving the DZHK partner site in Lübeck has discovered.

01.12.2022 Paper of the Month >

November 2022

Lamin A/C-dependent chromatin architecture safeguards naive pluripotency to prevent aberrant cardiovascular cell fate and function. DZHK authors: Yinuo Wang, Julio Cordero, Haojie Shi, Felix Trogisch, Mona Malek Mohammadi, Johannes Backs, Thomas Wieland, Jörg Heineke, Gergana Dobreva. Nature Communications

28.11.2022 Research News >

Slowing down atherosclerosis through less inflammation: protein could protect against deposits

Munich scientists have identified a protein that can slow down the development of atherosclerosis - it plays an important role in controlling the immune response.

28.11.2022 News >

Vascular Biology Collaborative Research Centre enters second funding period

The DFG is funding the Collaborative Research Centre "Vascular Control of Organ Function" at the DZHK partner site Heidelberg/Mannheim with around 14.3 million euros for another four years.