• Mission

    The most important goal of the DZHK is to make research findings available as quickly as possible to all patients in Germany and to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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  • Shared Expertise

    Scientists at each DZHK partner site can provide their colleagues from other sites with scientific skills and laboratory methods wherever their work overlaps.

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  • Clinical Studies

    DZHK-research focusses on clinical studies, registers and cohorts involving all 17 clinical site partners. Also non-DZHK-member-institutions include patients in DZHK-studies.

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22.01.2021 Further training >

Science on Friday

DZHK scientists discuss latest research results once a month | next webinar: Gene Therapy (online, in English) | Friday, 22 January 2021, 4-5 pm | Participation only with DZHK status

05.01.2021 Research News >

Reduce heart attack risk after infections

Mini-proteins targeting the protein histone H2a could prevent the risk of heart attack from increasing in cardiovascular patients with an acute infection. The approach could also mitigate severe covid 19 courses.

24.12.2020 Research News >

Antihypertensive drugs protect cardiovascular patients from severe COVID-19 progression

People with high blood pressure get COVID-19 more severely due to immune hyperactivation. ACE inhibitors could protect against this.

21.12.2020 Research News >

Discovering a forgotten biosignal

The nocturnal respiratory rate can help with an important prediction: It is an indicator of whether a defibrillator will help to extend the life of patients with arrhythmia.

2020 Further training >

Webinars on demand

Missed a webinar or workshop? Never mind: Most events are freely available as recordings. Some recordings are only accessible to people with DZHK status. Most of the events are in German.


Consultations for DZHK IT systems

Are you a user of our IT systems in clinical research and have problems, questions or need for training? Then join our regular video consultation hours (in German).

Next consultations: 21.01.2021, Treuhandstelle


Why clinical research is important

Without clinical trials, there is no progress in medicine. Our new Youtube video explains why patient support is key to developing new treatments.