• Mission

    The most important goal of the DZHK is to make research findings available as quickly as possible to all patients in Germany and to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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  • Shared Expertise

    Scientists at each DZHK partner site can provide their colleagues from other sites with scientific skills and laboratory methods wherever their work overlaps.

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15.04.2021 Interview >

"Biobanks can help you accelerate your career"

How data and samples from the DZHK collection can help your research - Dr Wesley Abplanalp talks about this in an interview.

14.04.2021 Research News >

Better care for older patients with multiple chronic conditions possible?

A clinical trial is testing a new treatment approach for patients with chronic heart failure. It is part of the ESCAPE project, which the EU is funding with 6.1 million euros.

07.04.2021 Research News >

Innovative platelet inhibitor tested for the first time in cardiovascular patients

Revacept attaches to injured blood vessels like a plaster and only inhibits blood clotting locally instead of throughout the body.

14.04.2021 Research News >

Keep calm! How blood vessels are kept in check

Researchers want to understand how endothelial cells maintain their stable resting state. They have identified a type of "endothelial calming factor" that prevents new vessels from growing.

Further training >

Webinars on demand

Missed a webinar or workshop? Never mind: Most events are freely available as recordings. Some recordings are only accessible to people with DZHK status. Most of the events are in German.


Consultations for DZHK IT systems

Are you a user of our IT systems in clinical research and have problems, questions or need for training? Then join our regular video consultation hours (in German).

Next consultation: 27.04.2021, DZHK-LIMS (CentraXX)