Translational Research Projects Starter Grant

With the Translational Research Project Starter Grant, scientists can secure start-up funding and make their project idea fit for an application in the DZHK funding line "Translational Research Projects".

Translational Research Projects - TRP for short - are research projects that already have a clear perspective for therapeutic or diagnostic application: For example, the search for an inhibitor that prevents the progression of atherosclerosis, the development of a gene therapy that targets progressive blockage of leg vessels, or of an animal model that can be used to test new diagnostic tools or investigate new treatments.

Here you can find an overview of all ongoing and completed Translational Research Projects.

The TRP Starter Grant enables scientists to prepare their project idea scientifically and validate early research results. It offers expert advice and financial support of up to 150,000 euros for a maximum duration of 18 months, so that the follow-up application for a TRP can be optimally prepared.

Dr Zouhair Aherrahrou is leading one of the projects approved in 2022. "The path from basic research to the patient is long, and for me it is also a completely new world," says the biologist from Lübeck, read more.

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