About our Clinical Research

The DZHK annually invests approximately 8 million euros of flexible research funds in clinical trials, which are being conducted at 16 clinical partner institutions of the DZHK and further national and international study centres. Scientists of the member institutions can submit study ideas. The Research Coordinating Committee, the DZHK's most important strategic body, decides on the funding. It follows the recommendations of the Clinical Study Group.

The DZHK has created a Clinical Research Platform for the standardized collection and documentation of data and biological samples. This enables subsequent use for further research purposes.

In addition to our clinical member institutions, more than 80 external study centres contribute patients to our studies.

Research Priorities in Clinical Research

Early Clinical Trials:

first-in-human clinical trials
pharmacogenetics and biomarkers
imaging studies

Guideline-relevant Studies:

compare different therapies
test new treatments
test established treatments for new therapeutic indications
test new pacemaker and heart support systems