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Kristin Lehnert, MD

Continuation of the cohort “inflammatory cardiomyopathy” of the collaborative research centre transregio 19 (SFB/TR19) as “SFB/TR19 Plus”

Inflammatory cardiac muscle diseases (inflammatory cardiomyopathies) frequently lead to pathological expansions of the cardiac muscle and this in turn is one of the most frequent causes of death when it comes to cardiovascular diseases. In order to research the development of inflammatory cardiac muscle diseases among other things, the Collaborative Research Centre Transregio 19 (SFB/TR 19) of the German Research Foundation (DFG) was created with the cohort “Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy”. The aim is to develop new diagnostic and treatment approaches for inflammatory cardiomyopathies by evaluating patient data and biological material.

The cohort is continued with the project “SFB/TR19 plus”. The follow-up visits take place within the scope of this project, where biomaterials and data will still be collected. These can be incorporated into the collection of the DZHK, since the infrastructure of the DZHK is used. Consistent data collection facilitates more efficient research. Within the scope of the “SFB/TR19 plus” project, the cohort shall be continued in order to also use the results for answering questions of the TORCH register. Amongst other things, the subjects of the project can thus act as a comparison cohort to the TORCH register of the DZHK.

Principal Investigators

Principal investigator: Marcus Dörr (Greifswald)