Science on Friday - DZHK webinar series

30/06/2023, 4-5 pm, online (zoom)


DZHK Evaluation 2024 - Current Status and Strategic Planning

International reviewers will evaluate our work over the past years and our plans for the future next year. In a Science on Friday Special, the Board and the spokespersons of the partner sites will present the strategic planning, the schedule and possible changes to the DZHK community. All DZHK members are invited to attend.

Only with DZHK status, check here.

To the registration link on the DZHK intranet


23 June: Microbiota - cancelled -

22 September: Digital Cardiology (Chairs: Sandy Engelhardt, Anja Hennemuth)

27 Oktober: Oligonucleotide Therapeutics (Chairs: Stefan Engelhardt, Rabea Hinkel)

24 November: Neuro-Cardiovascular Interface (Chairs: Matthias Endres, Sabine Steffens)

19 January: Metabolic Control of Cardiovascular Function (Chair: Gabriele G. Schiattarella)

Once a month on a Friday, scientists from the DZHK and other institutions discuss the latest research findings in cardiovascular research for an hour at "Science on Friday".

The webinars are then available on the DZHK intranet.


Registration for DZHK members:
You will be invited by email a few days before the event or can access the registration link on the intranet.

Registration for non-DZHK members:
If you are generally interested in the DZHK Science on Friday series and are not a DZHK member, you can send an email to info(at) You will be added to our e-mail list and automatically receive the invitations for those meetings open to external participants.