Dr. Romy Hribal
Scientific Administrator Promotion of Young Scientists
+49 30 3465 529-04

Supporting outstanding talents

The Excellence Programme facilitates the path to a translational career and scientific independence for researchers with a doctorate

DZHK Junior Research Group

Establish your own research project outside your current institution, lead your own team and become scientifically independent: The junior research group funding supports postdocs in this career step.

Clinician Scientist Programme

Parallel to specialist training, the programme offers individual and flexible planning with protected times to do research.

Postdoc Start-up Grant

Postdoctoral researchers can apply and use the start-up funding to improve their chances of success with a third-party funding institution.

Rotation Grant

With the Rotation Grant, clinicians can do undisturbed research in a DZHK project for one year while a replacement takes care of the patients.

Promotion of Women Scientists

In order not to get stuck in the eye of the needle of the postdoc phase and to get closer to the goal of a professorship even with a child or children (up to 12 years), women can get support with this funding. Young DZHK status is not required.



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Promotion of Young Scientists