Cooperations with Shared Expertise


Dr. Sandra Petzold
Coordinator Preclinical Research
phone: +4930 3465 529 05

In order to answer complex and often multidisciplinary research questions cooperation is of central importance. Often, scientific expertise or equipment is necessary that is not available in all places. The idea is: excellent scientific abilities, specialised knowledge and infrastructure of one DZHK partner site should be easily accessible to scientists from other partner sites in a transparent and uncomplicated manner. This avoids that infrastructures of the same type are obtained and set up at different partner institutions.

Cooperation projects through Shared Expertise are typically rather smaller bilateral projects that answer a research question limited in scope and thus should promote the early translation of research findings.

Typical Shared Expertise are the generation of animal models, design and production of vectors, ‘omics’ technologies as well as stem cell based models of human diseases.

All projects by means of Shared Expertise can be found in our project database.