Resource with Liquid Samples and Image Data


DZHK Use and Access Office
Alexandra Klatt
Phone: +49 30 3465 529-10

As part of clinical DZHK studies, related clinical data, imaging data/biosignals and liquid samples are recorded for each study participant with the support of the clinical research platform and form one of three resources of the DZHK Heart Bank. This resource now includes data and biosamples from 23 DZHK studies, is growing steadily and currently includes

  • Liquid samples (serum, EDTA plasma, citrate plasma, buffy coat, urine),
  • Clinical Data (42 basic items) from more than 6,000 patients and
  • Imaging Data/Biosignals (EKG, echo, etc.).

All studies financed by the DZHK undertake, in accordance with the DZHK Usage Regulations, to obtain a basic set of biosamples in addition to the biosamples required for the study, which forms the basis for the cross-study resource. A minimum clinical data set (DZHK basic data set) is also mandatory. We also collect image data from cardiovascular imaging processes in an image data management system. All data and biosamples are collected in the study centers according to uniform standards. The data is stored centrally, the biosamples are stored decentrally.

Acquisition of Clinical Data and Biosamples

We provide a data catalogue that contains a detailed description of the recording of clinical data and biosamples (what is recorded) including the associated metadata (how is it recorded).