Mentoring Programme


Dr. Romy Hribal
Scientific Administrator Promotion of Young Scientists
+49 30 3465 529-04

In spring 2021, the eighth year of the DZHK Mentoring Programme started with 14 mentees.                                              

The programme is aimed at young doctors, scientists and science managers. The aim of the programme is to prepare young cardiovascular researchers for management tasks. The current and the upcoming round of the programme will be held in English.

As part of mentoring, the mentees learn over the course of a year to better assess their own personality and social, communicative and professional skills. In workshops individually tailored to their needs, they can acquire soft skills and prepare for challenging situations in professional management positions in coaching sessions. The mentees are accompanied by a mentor whom they select themselves.

Fit for leadership?

Applications can be submitted by persons with the status „Young DZHK“ holding a doctoral degree or by scientific management employees. Deadlines are 1 December each year. More information on the Intranet.