Data and Biospecimens

What We Offer

> High Quality Biospecimens (blood, DNA, tissue)
> Associated Patient and Image data
> Excellent Documentation
> Easy Access
> Reliable Project and Time Management
> Advice and Support
> Transparent Decision-making Process

Selection of Data and Biospecimens

We explain here how to put together a suitable selection of data and biospecimens from the DZHK Heart Bank for your research project and how to apply for them.

If you wish to use data/biospecimen in a scientific collaboration with a specific DZHK study, please contact the relevant study leader specifically, who will then submit a useage notification to us.


DZHK Use and Access Office
Alexandra Klatt
Phone: +49 30 3465 529-10

The DZHK Heart Bank contains extensive cardiovascular resources. These include high-quality clinical data, image data, OMICs data, as well as liquid and tissue biospecimens, including the associated data, which are processed and stored reliably and under standardized conditions. This creates an essential prerequisite for reproducible research results.

Introducing our resources:

Resource with Liquid Biospecimens and Image Data

  • Liquid Biospecimens (serum, EDTA plasma, citrate plasma, buffy coat, urine)
  • Patient records with a wide range of cardiac diagnoses
  • Image data (ECG, echo)

All liquid biospecimens with associated clinical data and image data come from DZHK-funded studies that are obtained using standardized procedures at all study centers via the DZHK's research platform. As a result, our resource is growing steadily.

For more information, visit the resource with liquid biospecimen and image data.

Cardiovascular Tissue Specimen Resource

  • 6,000 Tissue Biospecimens
  • EDTA blood and untreated PAXGene samples
  • Associated Clinical Data

This resource currently contains more than 6,000 tissue biospecimens from 3,000 cardiac heart diagnosed patients collected at the German Heart Center Berlin facility. In addition, liquid biospecimens of EDTA blood (plasma, whole blood, cellular blood components) and unprocessed PAXGene samples are available. Our biospecimens are collected in a standardized manner and provided with the associated clinical data.

For more information, visit the facility, Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin.

DZHKomics Resource (DNA und RNA)

  • 1,200 genetic records from healthy individuals
  • 1,150 whole genome sequences
  • 700 RNA sequences

This control resource was generated from around 1,200 healthy people. It serves as a basis of comparison for the more precise determination of differences between healthy and sick people - not only for cardiovascular research. Approximately 1,150 whole genome sequences consist of SNVs, Indels and approx. 48 million variants. In addition, there are RNA sequence data from around 700 test persons. Corresponding basic phenotypes are also available.

For more information, visit the DZHKomics resource.