Preclinical research

Target structures identified in basic research must be tested to determine their fundamental suitability as a therapeutic agent before being developed further. Prior to being used in clinical studies in humans, potential therapeutic agents are therefore tested in animal models and human cell models. For each therapeutic approach such models have to be separately developed and adjusted – an important stage in preclinical research.

In order to test treatments in first-in-patient studies, therapeutic drugs such as viral vectors, microRNAs or stem cells have to be produced on a large scale. The processes involved are not standardised. Highly specialised laboratories within the DZHK undertake this task - one which requires huge investments in research and development.

Funding for Preclinical Research

In the area of preclinical research, the DZHK has established four funding lines with flexible budgets. Starting in 2015, a total of 6 million euros per year will be available for preclinical research projects. These funds will be allocated to large, high-risk projects, cooperative Shared Expertise projects, cooperations with external partners and with industry.

Dr. Katharina Eulenburg
Head of Group Strategy, Preclinical Research & Training, DZHK Main office
phone: +49 30 3465 529 07,