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DZHK researchers among the best scientists in the field of medicine

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15 DZHK researchers are among the top 100 scientists in the "Best Medicine Scientists in Germany" ranking. It is part of the World's Best Medicine Scientists Ranking, which was published by Research.com for the second time.

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According to Research.com, the ranking is based on the D-index (Discipline H-index), which only includes papers and citation values for an analysed discipline. The ranking only includes leading scientists with a D-index of at least 70 for academic publications in the field of medicine.


Anker, Stefan D. | Berlin

Bader, Michael | Berlin

Dimmeler, Stefanie | RheinMain

Franke, Andre | Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck

Kastrati, Adnan | Munich

Katus, Hugo A. | Heidelberg/Mannheim

Meitinger, Thomas | Munich

Münzel, Thomas | RheinMain

Peters, Annette | Munich

Reiser, Maximilian F. | Munich

Schunkert, Heribert | Munich

Schwaiger, Markus | Munich

Völzke, Henry | Greifswald

Weber, Christian | Munich

Zeiher, Andreas M. | RheinMain


Source: research.com