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The smartphone as a therapeutic aid for high blood pressure?

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High blood pressure is the most common cause of stroke and heart attacks. Other organs, such as the kidneys or eyes can also suffer long-term damage if blood pressure is too high. However, patients have a good chance of bringing their high blood pressure back to normal and thus avoiding dangerous consequences. The key is a healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, consistent treatment with blood pressure medication.

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The Munich-based eXPLORE study aims to find out whether a digitally controlled health programme can help patients get their hypertension under control. The study is looking for participants from all over Germany. The study team at the LMU Hospital in Munich includes the two DZHK scientists Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Brunner and PD Dr. med. Christopher Stremmel.

Some of the study participants will receive a specially tailored and extended treatment plan via their smartphone in addition to the usual treatment provided by their general practitioner or cardiologist. In comparison, the other half of the patients will only receive standard therapy. The digital programme is designed to provide patients with personalised, in-depth support. They can also consult a doctor in a video consultation to discuss personal results and medical questions.

For more information about the eXPLORE study and how to participate, please visit the study website: www.explore-studie.com


The sponsor of the eXPLORE study is iATROS GmbH. The Munich-based company has developed an app for cardiovascular patients and their doctors to improve treatment. The eXPLORE study will be implemented by a study team from the LMU Klinikum München.