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Main study centre - Steffen Massberg, MD
Kostantinos Rizas, MD

Stopping ACE-inhibitors in COVID-19 (ACEI-COVID-19)

Experimental data indicate that the ACE2 receptor is the entry portal for the SARS-Cov2 virus and is upregulated by ACE inhibitors on body cells. The hypothesis is that antihypertensive ACE inhibitors make it easier for the virus to spread in the body and damage essential organs. There is no clinical evidence of this so far.

In their study, Prof. Steffen Massberg and PD Konstantinos Rizas from the University of Munich Hospital are investigating whether it affects the course of COVID-19 disease if ACE inhibitors are paused or replaced by antihypertensive drugs with a different mechanism of action in COVID-19 patients. The results should provide treatment safety.


Discontinuation versus continuation of renin-angiotensin system inhibitors in COVID-19 (ACEI-COVID): a prospective, parallel group, randomised, controlled, open-label trial. Bauer, A. et al. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, June 11, 2021., doi:

Principal Investigators

Principal investigator: Steffen Massberg (München), Co-PI: Konstantinos Rizas (München)

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