Joint Partnership Research Funding Scheme

Announcement 2023

Total available funds up to €6 million
Per project up to €1.5 million
Number of projects funded up to 4
Duration of funding up to 4 years
Research theme preclinical translational cardiovascular research
Application deadline 24 May 2023
Funding decision January 2024


Stephanie Goldhammer

Cardiovascular diseases are a global problem, which is why the DZHK cooperates with researchers worldwide.

Since 2018, the DZHK has been running a funding program together with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), in which the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) has also been involved since 2019. The focus of this cooperative funding line is on preclinical research that contributes to improving the clinical diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Following four successful rounds that led to joint funding for 12 collaborative projects, we are pleased to announce a fifth round of the competition. With the project funding, we aim to support international collaborations between mid-career researchers investigators who are on a trajectory towards leadership in their fields of cardiovascular research.

Scientists from Germany who are members of the DZHK are eligible to apply.

Projects can be funded for up to four years and with a total budget of up to €1.5 million. Of this, the DZHK will cover a maximum of €500,000 for DZHK partners.

How it works

Researchers with DZHK status (> Check status) contact bhfcooperation(at) by email. We recommend that you confirm your eligibility for funding in addition to checking your own status. We will send you a link to the BHF's Grant Management System, which you can use to complete and submit the application form online.

Detailed information on the call for proposals:

Call for proposals

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