Joint Partnership Research Funding Scheme

Announcement 2022

Total available funds €5 million
Number of projects funded 3-4
Duration of funding 4 years
Research theme preclinical translational cardiovascular research
Application deadline 7 July 2022
Funding decision January 2023


Annett Grützmacher

Cardiovascular diseases are a global problem, which is why the DZHK collaborates with researchers worldwide.

Since 2018, the DZHK has been running a joint funding scheme with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), in which the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) has also been involved since 2019. The focus of the joint funding line is on preclinical research that contributes to improving the clinical diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

In Germany, members of the DZHK are eligible to apply.

BHF-DZHK cooperation 2018/2019: Awards made in the first round press release

BHF-DHF-DZHK cooperation 2019/2012: Awards made in the second round press release