Development of miR-92a inhibitors for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Funded period

2015 – 2019

Granted budget

€ 2,458,430


acute coronary syndromes, peripheral arterial occlusive disease

Therapeutic Principle


Principal Investigator

Stefanie Dimmeler (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Based on own preliminary works that show that miR-92a inhibitors can improve cardiac function after infarction, the safety and optimisation studies necessary for an application in human beings are to be carried out in the context of the application.

For this, the composition of the microRNA inhibitors is to be optimised and the necessary pharmacological and toxicological examinations are to be performed.


A clinical study following the project was able to show that the developed inhibitor against microRNA-92a inhibits its target in humans in the blood. (press release: First microRNA therapy for the heart works in humans, 27.7.2020)