Prof. Dr. Michael Joner


German Heart Centre Munich
Lazarettstraße 36
80636 München




Research areas: atherosclerosis, imaging, vascular intervention

Michael Joner is DZHK Professor for Early Clinical Trials at the German Heart Centre Munich. His main research focus is on findings novel diagnostic or therapeutic pathways to target atherosclerosis.

Research focus

Prof. Joner’s research wants to find new solutions to identify and treat patients at risk for acute cardiovascular events utilizing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. His group investigates high-risk markers of atherosclerosis derived from human tissue, which is expected to ultimately feed into molecular imaging approaches to specifically detect and treat high-risk atherosclerotic plaques prone to cause cardiovascular events. Prof. Joner utilizes human-relevant animal models to investigate novel imaging catheters and percutaneous interventional procedures and aims to facilitate early clinical trial investigation of these novel approaches. In a separate aim, his group focusses on optimizing procedures for structural heart interventions in a highly translational setting.

Prof. Joner hopes that in the long term, it will be possible to identify patients at risk for cardiovascular events before they become symptomatic with acute myocardial infarction or sudden cardiac death. Furthermore, he aims to find a solution for longer-lasting percutaneous procedures in the field of structural heart interventions.

Prof Michael Joner discusses Magmaris RMS: BIOSOLVE-II OCT post hoc analysis - Implications on neoatherosclerosis at 3 years

Major achievements and awards

Key publications

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