Prof. Dr. Stefan Luther

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Biomedical Physics
Am Fassberg 17
37077 Göttingen

Phone: +49 (0)551-5176 370
E-Mail: stefan.luther(at)

Research area: biological systems at the cell, tissue and organ level

Research focus

In his research, Stefan Luther is dedicated to understand the principles of complex dynamics of biological systems at the cell, tissue and organ level and their application in medicine. His translational research group is affiliated with the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, the University Medical Center Göttingen and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK).

Key Publications

Hussaini S, Venkatesan V, Biasci V, Romero Sepúlveda JM, Quiñonez Uribe RA, Sacconi L, Bub G,
Richter C, Krinski V, Parlitz U, Majumder R, Luther S. Drift and termination of spiral waves in
optogenetically modified cardiac tissue at sub-threshold illumination. Elife. 2021 Jan
27;10:e59954, PMID: 33502313

Lilienkamp T, Parlitz U, Luther S. Non-monotonous dose response function of the termination of
spiral wave chaos. Sci Rep. 2022 Jul 14;12(1):12043. PMID: 35835979

Lilienkamp T, Parlitz U, Luther S. Taming cardiac arrhythmias: Terminating spiral wave chaos by
adaptive deceleration pacing. Chaos. 2022 Dec;32(12):121105. PMID: 36587312

Steyer J, Lilienkamp T, Luther S, Parlitz U. The role of pulse timing in cardiac defibrillation. Front
Netw Physiol. 2023 Jan 4;2:1007585. PMID: 36926106

Tom Wörden H, Parlitz U, Luther S. Simultaneous unpinning of multiple vortices in twodimensional
excitable media. Phys Rev E. 2019 Apr;99(4-1):042216. PMID: 31108599