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DZHK launches patient brochure

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5,000 patients are currently participating in the clinical trials of the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK). The DZHK aims to use these studies to develop new therapies for cardiac failure, heart attacks and atrial fibrillation. Patients participating in clinical trials receive very close supervision and have the opportunity to gain access to innovative therapies. "We are very grateful to have so many patients participating in our studies," explains Prof. Thomas Eschenhagen, Chairman of the DZHK-Board. "Without this generous support, clinical research would not be possible."

With the new patient brochure published in January 2019, the DZHK wants to contribute to greater transparency and involvement for study participants. "We believe it is very important that our study patients understand why clinical research is essential in helping advance treatments and what they can expect in a clinical trial," says Eschenhagen.

The information brochure for patients explains in an easy-to-understand way which goals the DZHK pursues and what it accomplishes for better patient care. The brochure is available at all study centres and partner institutions of the DZHK.

If you are interested, the brochure can be downloaded here or ordered as a print copy (email: studien(at)dzhk.de). The DZHK patient brochure is available in German only.