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Laureates of the 90th DGK Annual Meeting

DZHK Board Member Steffen Massberg (Munich) was honoured with the prestigious Paul Morawitz Prize. From left to right: DGK President Prof. Holger Thiele, Angelika Stafflage (AstraZeneca GmbH), award winner Prof. Steffen Massberg, Conference President Prof. Christoph Maack | © DGK/Thomas Hauss

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Numerous DZHK scientists received prizes and awards at the 90th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Cardiology - Cardiovascular Research (DGK). The DGK Annual Meeting took place from 3 to 6 April 2024 in Mannheim.

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Paul Morawitz Prize
Prof. Steffen Massberg, Munich

Albert Fraenkel Prize
Prof. Thorsten Keßler, Munich, more (in German)

DGK Research Award for Clinical Lipid Research

Prof. Wolfgang Koenig, Munich, more (in German)

Honorary Award Lecture on Basic Science
Prof. Norbert Hübner, Berlin, more (in German)

Franz Maximilian Groedel Research Award
Dr Manuela Thienel, Munich

Publication Prize of the AG 10 Chronic Heart Failure
1st prize PD Dr Alessio Alogna, Berlin
3rd prize: Dr Badder Kattih, Frankfurt am Main

DGK Poster Award of the Annual Meeting
4th prize: Dr Tan An Dang, Munich
6th prize: Dr Christoph Reich, Heidelberg

Abstract Prize Cardiovascular and Sleep Circulation of the Working Group 35 Cardiovascular Diseases and Respiratory Sleep Disorders (shared once)
1st prize: Dr Laura Erika Maria Hannen and Ms Elisabeth Unger, Hamburg

Abstract Award for Cardiovascular Care Research in Germany
Dominik Jurczyk, Lübeck

Young Investigator Award - Coronary Artery Disease
2nd prize Dr Nils Krüger, Munich, more (in German)

Young Investigator Award - Structural Heart Disease

1st prize: Dr Sebastian Ludwig, Hamburg

Hans Bloemer Young Investigator Award for Clinical Cardiovascular Research
2nd Prize: Dr Tharusan Thevathasan, Berlin

Rudi Busse Young Investigator Award for Experimental Cardiovascular Research

2nd prize: Julian Leberzammer, Frankfurt am Main, more (in German)
2nd prize: Dr Moritz von Scheidt, Munich, more (in German)

ALKK Foundation Sponsorship Award
Dr Ann-Kathrin Rahm, Heidelberg

Science Award of the Gertrud Spitz Foundation
Prof. Stephan Willems, Hamburg