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We have to continuously adapt our data standards

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The clinical studies at the DZHK collect data and samples according to uniform standards. The data standardization working group continuously makes sure to improve them. The working group calls for participation to ensure that additional know-how can be incorporated and various needs can be represented. Working group spokesman Prof. Frank Edelmann from Berlin explains why this is important and how one can benefit.

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What does the data standardization group do?

The DZHK has had these common standards, the so-called SOPs, since 2013. They stipulate how, for example, myocardial biopsies, spiroergometries or 6-minute walk tests are carried out precisely so that the data also meet international standards. These SOPs are now partially obsolete, and we are adapting them to scientific progress. In addition, many new study-specific items have been added, which we also want to standardize. The more standardized our data is, the more valuable it is for research at the DZHK.

Who can take part?

Anyone who is operationally active in clinical studies and is interested in high standards can participate. This can be at the level of the study management but also with the study staff or the coordination. Study experience beyond the DZHK is also helpful. The more people get involved, the better we can capture the needs of everyone involved and optimally design the SOPs and eCRFs.

Do you benefit from participating?

In any case, you deepen your knowledge of the SOPs in the DZHK, it facilitates cooperation and you can influence the improvement of the structures in the DZHK yourself. All of this can be very helpful when planning and carrying out your studies. We expressly call on younger colleagues who can gain experience here to cooperate.

How is the cooperation in the working group? Who are the members?

Very straightforward, we always meet on Thursdays 12-1 p.m. via Zoom. If you can't participate, that's not so bad. Clinical PIs are driving the initiative at the DZHK, e.g. Stefan Kääb from Munich, Marcus Dörr from Greifswald, and Philipp Wild from RhineMain.

This working group operates in German.

Contact: Prof. Frank Edelmann, frank.edelmann(at)charite.de